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Government Nursing Officers Association is now well established with 30000 of members representing all hospital in both Provincial and Central Government Service. Government Nursing Officers Association functions under the norms of Democracy.
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GNOA – International Nurses Day Celebration – ජාත්‍යන්තර හෙද දින සමරුව කන්දඋඩරට පේරාදෙණිය ශික්ෂණ රෝහලේ දී

covid 19 contribution

The Association of Health Professionals protesting campaign in front of the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

The Association of Health Professionals representing nursing, Complementary Medical Services and Paramedical Services (16 Health Trade Unions) conducted a protesting campaign in front of the Ministry of …

මිනීමරු ආණ්ඩුව පන්නමු”….අප්‍රේල් 28 වැඩවර්ජනය…මැයි 6 හර්තාලය..

මිනීමරු ආණ්ඩුව පන්නමු”….අප්‍රේල් 28 වැඩවර්ජනය…මැයි 6 හර්තාලය වෘත්තීය සමිති සම්බන්ධීකරණ මධ්‍යස්ථානය මගින් දැන් පවත්වන මාධ්‍ය හමුව…

An urgent meeting between GNOA and the Health Secretary

An urgent meeting between the GNOA and the Health Secretary  .They were discussed important things related current situation   #Regulation of Transport Facilities, # Develop …

Sri Lankan Nursing Officers had been invented new Medical device

Sri Lankan Nursing Officers, active member of GNOA had been invented new device for the people who are living with long term urinary catheters .This …

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