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Government Nursing Officers Association is now well established with 30000 of members representing all hospital in both Provincial and Central Government Service. Government Nursing Officers Association functions under the norms of Democracy.
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Success Trade Union Action By Government Nursing Officers’ Association

Trade Union Action – Government Nursing Officers’ Association, Sri Lanka due to unresponsiveness of the government for health workers’ demands The Government Nursing Officers’ Association, …

Covid 19 Booklet community engagement – Download Now

This booklet includes Basic details and key messages on the corona virus. The resource is designed for community.. Prepared By : Mr Saman Rathnapriya

Trade Union Action – Due to unresponsiveness of the Government for health workers’ demands

The third wave of COVID 19 is rising rapidly in Sri Lanka. Daily amount of infected cases and death toll are increasing. The country has …

Trade union action temporary terminated after Discussion With Minister

Hon. Minister apologized regarding the unfair decision which made by the ministry of health-related to vaccination of medical officers’ family members. Following decisions were made …

Sri Lanka’s covid19 epidemic has reached an even greater and alarming level

Sri Lanka’s covid19 epidemic has reached an even greater and alarming level says the President of the Government Nursing Officers’ Association and National Trade Union …

Vehicle Parade of the Federation of Health Professionals was held on Tuesday (30 th) at Colombo town

The Sri Lankan government and ministry of health are following a deaf policy for the health professionals’ demands. They requested for their demands many times, …

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